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Group Bookings

For Group Bookings we customize tour with theme party like (Retro, Bollywood Etc) as per guest request. We also give special services like cake cutting, Birthday Party, Nail Art, Magician, Lunch, Snacks, Theme decorations ( it will include additional charges depending on which special service want to avail). Below are some tour details.
> Mumbai Film City Tour:
> 2 hour Guided tour.
> Visit to Famous Locations in Film city viz. Helipad, Lake, Court, Church, Temple.
> Famous Reserve Garden, Khandala Bridge.
> Glimpse of Live Shooting from Bus.
> Overlook Film/ TV Serial Sets, exploring interesting and unknown facts of Bollywood.
> Facility to take the memories of this wonderful tour photograph.
> Visit to Outdoor Studio Location.

Bollywood Dream Tour:
> 2 hour Guided tour.
> We will be showing 20 Minutes Clip, History about Bollywood in the Tourist Lounge.
> Tourists will be introduced to the Dubbing Studio to experience how it functions.
> Tourists will get an opportunity to dub their famous dialogue of the Bollywood Movies.
> Tourists get an opportunity to sing in a proper singing studio which will be fully equipped singing studio.
> Foley Sound Experience (Ex. Thunderstorm, Lightning).
> Children can enjoy dubbing of their favorite character.

Live Show Tour:
> 1 ½ Hour Guided tour.
> Arrival at shooting sight.
> Escorted to a specially created studio.
> Visit a live shooting set.
> Peek at the behind-the-scenes activities of Serial making.
> See the technicians at work.
> Looks into the star`s makeup rooms if permission given by the Star.
> Have a Picture taken with Serial Actor if permission given by the Star.


> We provide Bisleri Water .
> Fluent English and Hindi Speaking Guide with Good Knowledge.
> All Government Taxes are Included.
> We provide group discounted rates.


> Things which is not in Inclusions is the Exclusions.


> We asked Bollywood Tour to organize kitty party for us and it was beautifully organized in Bollywood Dream tour. We had entire tour after that we had nail art and tattoos. It was best place with different theme for our party…………Ms. Priyanka Singh.
> It was my daughters 5th birthday and we had party organized in Bollywood dream tour. Decorations were so elegant. First we did projector section and than Foley after that we had nice entertainment with magician after that we covered singing and dubbing than we had nail art with fine dinner. Over all it was amazing gift for my daughter. ……Ms Depika Rai..
Starting From
INR 599/-
2 Hours Guided
Tour of Film City
History of Bollywood
Covering famous
Locations of Film City
Starting From
INR 599/-
2 Hours Guided
Tour of Studio
History of Bollywood
Covering Post
Production Activities
Starting From
INR 1600/-
5 Hours Guided
Tour of Film City
Visiting Film Set
Film/Serial Shooting
Welcome to India's only official Bollywood tours. We conduct scientifically designed and structured Bollywood tours authorised by Dada Saheb Phalke Chitranagri (Filmcity). .Mumbai film city is the heart of the Indian film industry shooting for a number of film cities is done in this filmcity. Each tour is conducted by experienced guide and share hidden treasures of Bollywood. We are only tour operator who have successfully crossed 1,00,000 tourist. No visit to Mumbai is complete without experiencing the Bollywood facet and the feel of actually being inside a Studio in action. Each tour will have an experienced and polite guide who has been in the industry for considerable amount of time. Ask him/her anything. We take tourist to LIVE shooting sets where they can watch their favourite Bollywood stars in action. Our tours are the result of years of experience in conducting Bollywood based tours for people from all across the globe. We give exposure to pre-production to post production, TV Serial Sets at very affordable price. if you want to Know about Indian Cinema, Indian Film Industry or Bollywood come to us we are always at your service.
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